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Our Motorcycle Simulator Services

Use our bikes (Yamaha R1M or R7) or bring your own! The design allows most motorcycles to be fitted to the trainer. You will use all feature of the bike such as: throttle, brake, gears, and you can lean up to 50 degrees. The simulator is connected to a big screen TV projecting real track.

Choose Your Adventure for Your Experience


Learn the basics of riding a motorbike.

Enjoy riding of Moto GP circuit without risk.

Play your favorite game while riding.

Novice to Intermediate

Work on body position, throttle control, & braking

Improve your race line

Get the thrill of riding without risk

Experienced Racers

Memorize braking points, cornering & direction changes.

See personal telemetry after each lap.

Improve stamina, injury recovery, & more.


A retired professional motorcycle racerĀ  Jonathan Wood tested our motorcycle simulator and gave a review of his experience with Apex Studio 66.


Are you ready for the ride?

Ultimate Moto Simulator Experience