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We are Best for Parties, Group Events, eSports and more!

We specialize in turning every gathering into an unforgettable experience, whether you’re hosting a lively party, a corporate group event, or an electrifying esports tournament. Dive into the world of Moto Racing with our state-of-the-art MotoTrainer and Motocross simulators. We guarantee to deliver non-stop action and fun.

We can come to you, or you can book our MotoTranei Facility at Apex Studio 66! Located in Los Angeles County.

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Tailored Experiences for Everyone!

Our Simulators are best for:

  • Party-goers: Ideal for birthday parties, bachelor/bachelorette parties, or any social gathering looking for a unique and exciting entertainment option.

  • Esports Enthusiasts: Suitable for individuals or groups who enjoy competitive gaming and want to participate in thrilling esports tournaments.

  • Gaming Fans: Attracts gamers who are interested in experiencing high-fidelity simulation games, whether racing or other types.

  • Corporate Groups: Perfect for team-building events, company retreats, or corporate parties aiming to enhance camaraderie through fun and engaging activities.

  • Adventure Seekers: Appeals to those looking for an adrenaline-pumping experience, simulating high-speed Moto Racing without the risks of actual racing.

  • Families: A fun and accessible option for family events where members of all ages can enjoy the thrill of motocross or moto racing in a safe environment.

  • Event Planners: An excellent choice for event organizers looking to add a standout feature to weddings, festivals, or community events.

  • Tourists and Visitors in LA: Attractive to tourists seeking unique local experiences that combine technology with entertainment in Los Angeles County.

  • Beginners to Seasoned Riders: From newbies who want to try out riding for the first time to experienced motorcyclists looking to hone their skills off the road.

  • Tech Enthusiasts: Those fascinated by cutting-edge technology and how it enhances traditional recreational activities.


Train Your Mind And Body

Motorcycle Simulator
At Its Best

You will experience a fun and unique simulator for all levels – from professional to beginner. The Studio Apex 66 provides you with a safe and affordable experience. You will also receive tips often missed when you are training on a track.


Are you ready for the ride?


Benefits of Simulator:

For Parties and Corporate Events

For Professionals